"A DECENT SKIN" promo shoot                                     

COLLABORATION is a huge part of the plan we have for the company, from low budget short films to ambitious feature film projects, working one on one with a number of co-writers and directors at every stage of the script development process – from structuring, outlining, and expanding a half page story idea to redrafting completed feature film scripts.

Our screenwriting goal with Driftwood Doll Films is to guide writers in the completion of their scripts and treatments to a professional standard.

We want to generate and encourage a new wave of passionate, ambitious, independent film-making, where there are no doors closed to you because of where you come from, no glass ceilings stopping your projects taking off, and where you find a positive creative driving force to push your film ambitions to the next level.

Soon we’ll be up and running with regular writer groups, film-making groups, and arranging individual meetings to discuss projects and what we can do to help.

~Michael (Driftwood Doll Films)

image from “A DECENT SKIN” promo shoot, with thanks to:  Joe Lynch (co-writer/producer/actor), Jonathan Caffrey (director), Stuart Duff (director of photography), Natasha Efole (camera dept.), Arber Sula (project manager), Cian Markey (lighting dept.), Mags Griffin (make up), and Ger Kelly (actor).  Photo by Michael O’Dwyer (co-writer/producer).

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