Writing Biography

Writing Biography

by Mod

I wrote my first feature film script in 2006.  It was the most personal of my scripts despite it being a rebel gay girl love story!  The feelings can be true even if the characters look kinda different 😉  That’s called “Driftwood Dolls”, hence the name of myself and Eilís’s company Driftwood Doll Films.  A Driftwood Doll in the symbolic sense being someone you can cling on to when you find yourself in a sea of troubles, which probably speaks for a lot of my writing and the way I live my life for people.

That script has gone through quite a few drafts over the years, and grown up with me a little, and I hope one day soon will wind its way into the film world to kick some ass for gay girls everywhere 😉  I wrote the first draft of Driftwood Dolls while taking a break from a heavier tome of a feature script called “Garden of Eden”, which was inspired by the life and work of my favourite poet – and original 60’s riot grrl of sorts – Anne Sexton.  I’ve had a reading of that with actors at The Attic Studio in Dublin.

Since my original twosome of feature scripts, I’ve finished drafts of an elaborate ALICE / OZ-like fantasy about a supermarket checkout girl who is spun a long way from her mundane routine existence by an accident she brings on herself (Winterland), a demonic psychological horror about the effects of guilt on the traumatised mind of one of the world’s leading psychiatrists (Henry Kills the Devil), a very un-PC black comedy musical in the vein of John Waters and John Cameron Mitchell about the ultra-liberal society that follows on from a nuclear holocaust (Chrysalis), and a Florida-based anti-romantic romantic comedy road movie about the perils of online dating and the feckless miscreants who sometimes lie in wait, or in this case – do a runner (The Favour).  I also have two drafts done of a family drama (Fifty Four), and a blockbuster sci-fi with a black comedy twist – which is awaiting a new title as I don’t like the old one!

In the last couple of years, I’ve really enjoyed developing features in collaboration with others, so there are several more projects to add to the long list – but I’m really hopeful about how they’re progressing and for the prospects of the sagging shelf (the one with all the 100+ page scripts on!) now that Driftwood Doll Films is up and running.  To be capable of making feature films will be a long hard road, and to do it to the standard we want, even more so, but we’re in it til we drop and working hard, and above all, looking forward to meeting all the people we need to make it happen.

~Michael O’Dwyer



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