Projects Update

Summer is here so it must be time to make some films!   I hope so 😉  Just an update on the film projects myself, Eilís, and our mighty associated creatives have been developing the last while.

CONTACT, a six minute film written by Joe Lynch, produced by Eilís, is to be directed by the lovely and talented Stephen Brady (whose previous film was the black comedy “Normal”).  Contact is slated to film at the end of July, so things will move pretty fast in putting that together with cast and crew.

A DECENT SKIN, a twelve minute film written by myself and Joe as part of our ongoing collaboration, and to be directed by Jonathan Caffrey (“Product of a Nation”) will be having a short funding campaign soon.  It’s a powerful provocative film about the very personal trauma of people who have been failed by a justice system that sympathises with the perpetrators rather than the victims.  It’s a film with a lot of resonance to us, and all the elements (funding, locations etc) falling into place, we’re aiming to film that in August.


Myself and Joe are developing a submission for Storyland that I’m very excited about.  It’s a supernatural drama that we intend to use as a pilot for a TV series.  More on that soon.

Our feature script collaboration TURNING POINT, which was shortlisted for interview by the Cornerstone IFB scheme at the Factory, is getting closer to a first draft.  TURNING POINT is a visceral and shocking coming-of-age feature drama about a man rocketing towards self-destruction, until circumstances force him to try and go straight despite the overwhelming odds.

Eilís is researching and developing an ambitious short film based around Ireland’s myths, legends, and storytelling tradition.  Details soon.

I’m writing a treatment for a feature film -untitled as yet- with award-winning writer/director Paul Brady (“Janey Mary”).  The initial spark of the idea was for it to be a tribute to my father – who spent his entire childhood in the industrial schools of Cappoquin and Ferryhouse.  In a regimented enclosed world like that where neglected and abused kids were even punished for their childish exuberance, it can be the little things that keep the spirit alive.  For my father, one of those things was the fleeting movie screening escape into the anti-authoritarian world of a certain fat-and-skinny comedy duo.  The story is told with joy in the face of despicable cruelty, and finds the light of hope through immense darkness.  It’s a survivor’s story, with an exuberant rebel spirit.

I’ve also been story consulting on a few projects, throwing in my wild and woolly suggestions in the development process, so looking forward to seeing them come to life and the part Driftwood Doll Films has to play in them 🙂  I think that’s enough for now, and as you can probably tell, we’ve got stuff to do.. so I’ll get on with it!

Feel free to talk to us for script advice and collaborations.  We’re always open and willing, and actively looking for enthusiastic people we can work with – writers/producers/directors – actors & crew members – and anyone who is willing to support our more open and collaborative type of production company 😉


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