Welcome to Driftwood Doll Films

A welcome and introduction for new visitors to the page.

Driftwood Doll Films is a start-up independent film production company based in Dublin.  It was founded by producer Eilís Abbott and screenwriter Michael O’Dwyer for our own film projects, but also with the intention of driving other people’s projects and ideas towards production.  We have just wrapped shooting on “CONTACT”, a first short film collaboration with our writer/producer/actor colleague Joe Lynch and very talented director Stephen Brady.

DSC_2793 red

We are collaborating on a number of projects with outside writers, directors, and film professionals, from low budget short films to the development of ambitious international feature films.  Script development is the base of our business services as well, where we offer a friendly and enthusiastic script notes service for reviewing and pushing forward projects of all budget levels.  A full rate card will be available on our website shortly.

The DDF facebook page is where we keep everyone updated on our projects, post casting and crew calls, and network with the film community.  All are invited to post showreels, film links, your own film pages to us on the page or by PM and introduce yourself.  These will be kept on file for future productions with the hope of working together, so please do get in touch.  And if you have an idea for a project, I’m sure we can help.


facebook networking page – https://www.facebook.com/driftwooddollfilms

twitter – https://twitter.com/DriftwoodDollFC

email – driftwooddollfilms@gmail.com

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