Notes for Making a 90 Second Film Pitch


If you’re like me then you know that having to pitch your film script, and in so doing transform yourself from a sensitive, artistic-minded, crowd-shunning nice guy into a monstrous, charisma-dripping, loud-mouthed used car salesman is worse than all the genocide in the world.  Your 100 page script or your 15 page script should speak for itself while you wait at home for a nice email telling you how wonderful a production company, a director, or a film festival judge found it as it starts its journey to production and awards.

DSC_2450 red All things considered, I’d prefer to be at home daydreaming up some scripts and taking photos of my feet..

The thought of pitching strikes terror into writers, and all the way up to that few minutes when it’s done and you can be on your way home, you’re more likely to want to cry and run away than look…

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