New Year’s Revolution

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DRIFTWOOD DOLL FILMS information leaflet

This year myself and Eilís took the leap to form our own company and get going with the longterm adventure of making our own and our collaborators’ film projects.  It’s been hectic, but we’re seeing many positives and much to look forward to in the year ahead.  We just want to say a big thank you to our friends and families, film colleagues, everyone who’s supported us and expressed an interest in working with us, and wish you all a Happy New Year from Driftwood Doll Films.  And thanks, Eilís, too 😉 xx

Here’s to a creatively explosive and wonderful 2015.

Driftwood Doll Films information leaflet :

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”                                    ― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings


Driftwood Doll Films is a new independent production company from Dublin with an open, friendly, and collaborative approach to filmmaking and script development. Formed in 2014 by Eilís Abbott and Michael O’Dwyer, we believe passionately that there should be no doors closed to you because of where you come from, no glass ceilings stopping your projects taking off, and no barriers to what you can achieve if you want to learn the craft of writing for film. We aim to be a positive driving force to your ambitions, helping to hone ideas and scripts to a professional standard through our one on one writing services and weekly moderated writing groups.


Our first collaborative short film CONTACT, which came about through the company’s policy of working closely with outside writers and directors, is just completing post-production and we currently have two collaborative feature films in development, along with our own upcoming slate of film and TV projects.


Script Consultation: working with writers, producers, and directors, DDF will assess projects and offer guidance through meetings and development notes for an agreed fee on a script by script basis.

Script Editing: after an initial assessment through script development notes, DDF offers script editing / rewriting services according to changes / fixes flagged in advance.

Writing Group: Driftwood Doll Films’ Writing Group (DDFWG) meetings will be organised through a private group page on facebook of personally invited writers and directors where we can put forward, discuss, and progress individual projects through script development and readings. All services are very affordable as we seek to encourage a new generation of writers and directors into filmmaking. Enquiries to Michael through email, website contact form, or facebook page. Details are below.


The Photography Corner is a new venture of Driftwood Doll Films, providing headshots and other publicity photography for people in the creative industries at a low cost and high standard. Samples of work will be available on the website.


Based in our central Dublin office is a unique and specialised write, shoot, & post Showreel Service. With professional lighting and sound for your recording, Driftwood Doll Films will provide you with an original scene / monologue to perform for camera. The short piece can be self-directed or directed by us, and we will take care of the writing, shooting, and online posting of your showreel scene (including publicising it through our own pages and website). A “long list” of scenes will be available, with something suitable for all ages and performance genres, or feel free to bring us your own scene and we’ll film, edit, and post it for you.


Driftwood Doll Films is based at 5 Cavendish Row, opposite The Gate Theatre.     Meetings by appointment.

Don’t hesitate to contact Michael and Eilís at

You can also stay in touch on our regularly updated facebook networking page

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