“AFTERTHOUGHT” wraps for Driftwood Doll Films

“AFTERTHOUGHT” romantic comedy wraps for Driftwood Doll Films

**Press Release**

Neil Hogan opening his heart to Rose Landys in Afterthought
Neil Hogan opening his heart to Rose Landys

New Irish independent company Driftwood Doll Films have wrapped this week on romantic comedy “Afterthought”, their second produced short film.  The film is written and directed by newcomer Sinead Ralston, and according to Driftwood Doll Films’ producers Eilís Abbott and Michael O’Dwyer, fits with their ethos of encouraging and working with new female voices in the industry.

“I met Sinead on a screenwriting course in Filmbase three years ago, and when it ended we decided we’d keep meeting up regularly to give each other script feedback and the motivation to get things finished.  I’m really proud that I was able to produce her first film and see her working so brilliantly on a film set for the first time.   I know she has many powerful projects in the works, and I just hope we’ve done enough to convince her to bring them to us!”  – Michael O’Dwyer

Writer / Director of Afterthought Sinead Ralston
Writer / Director Sinead Ralston

“Afterthought” features Neil Hogan as an indefatigable pensioner attempting to woo indomitable Rose Landys in a series of silent comedy style vignettes, and was filmed in Dublin.

Writer / Director Sinead isn’t the only member of the Ralston family involved in the production as her husband Gavin, a musician and owner of independent record label Silverwood Music, provides the Django Reinhardt-ish soundtrack.  Sinead’s father almost got in on the family act too when he auditioned for the lead role.  He didn’t get the part, but took the disappointment with good grace!

The camera team on the project were John Hennessy and Lucy Jones of Kerbute Productions, and the film is now in post-production with Eilís on editing duties.  “Afterthought” will be aimed at a festival run in the New Year, and you can follow updates on it from the Driftwood Doll Films’ facebook page and website.



With thanks to all cast & crew :
“Afterthought” written and directed by Sinead Ralston, produced by Michael O’Dwyer & Eilís Abbott of Driftwood Doll Films​, cinematography by John Hennessy​ & Lucy Jones​, sound by Caimin Agnew​, script supervisor Peter Walsh​, music by Gavin Ralston​, editor Eilís Abbott​, and our great cast Neil Hogan​, Rose Landys​, and Naoimh Tuohy​.

Rose Landys breaks from her stern character behind the scenes of Afterthought
Rose Landys breaks from her stern character behind the scenes of Afterthought

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