DEAD INSIDE teaser clip

Presenting the first teaser clip from our short film DEAD INSIDE (in post-production, pre-soundmix). In solidarity with all those supporting and protecting Apollo House in Dublin city centre right now, and the incredible Home Sweet Home movement.

Dead Inside is a short film about a homeless, drug-addicted man’s solitary odyssey around Dublin, until someone from his past offers a ray of light to his world.  A DRIFTWOOD DOLL FILMS PRODUCTION.  Starring Joe Lynch, Kamila Dydyna, written by Joe Lynch & Michael O’Dwyer, produced by Eilis Abbott, Michael O’Dwyer, Joe Lynch, filmed & directed by Michael O’Dwyer.

Homelessness is not an unfathomable problem.  Almost entirely, it can be attributed to the policies and mindsets of those in power who follow a capitalist, profit-motivated dogma every bit as antilogical as that of major religions.  At least some major religions have a role model who espoused helping the poor and vulnerable.  Neo-liberalism espouses their humiliation and punishment as a driving force to good consumerism.

The direct action, and property law-breaking courage of Home Sweet Home and other citizen-led Housing Associations is a major step to ending the Market-is-God Fine Gael/Fianna Fail ideology and policies in Ireland that deliberately create false scarcity of housing, exploding rents, rising personal debt, completely immoral evictions and repossessions by failed & bailed out banks, and lead to the ultimate degradation of any Government’s responsibility to its people – homelessness.

A Government that talks personal responsibility at people with nothing, whose public services they’ve strangled, and are ignoring their own responsibility for destructive unsustainable policies, must fall.  An end to homelessness and these insane housing policies is something the people of Ireland want, even if the ever-decreasing, right-wing voter base for the political parties in power are perfectly happy cheerleaders for such cruel and unusual punishments.

There are solutions. Where we create a will, there is a way..

And the citizens of Ireland have that will even if the Government and Corporate Establishment don’t.

Find out more about Dead Inside at :

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