Announcing Driftwood Doll Films’ inaugural SCREENWRITING LAB in Dublin.  A FREE writing initiative.

The main concept is similar to Nanowrimo – Novel Writing Month, where the aim is simply to get as much written as possible in the month of February.

Features / Shorts / TV Specs / Web Series / Comedy Sketches

Productivity not procrastination.  It starts on Wednesday the 1st!

Hosted by Michael O’Dwyer of Driftwood Doll Films, The Screenwriters’ Lab will be based around small, informal meet-ups of participants.  After initial meetings to discuss projects, talk with fellow filmmakers, and make writing plans, further twice weekly meetings will track the progress of scripts with ongoing feedback (Michael will be reading all projects submitted during the month).  In the second half of February there will also be round table script readings of early drafts / scenes.

Before the SCREENWRITING MONTH is over, each participant will prepare loglines, 90-second pitches, and a short form production package or series bible to help with presenting their projects to outside producers, directors, and production companies.

The Inaugural Screenwriting Lab is FREE, but by Invite Only.  Enquiries to Michael O’Dwyer at for more details.  Experienced and Beginner Screenwriters welcome, as is online participation.  

And just to be clear – This is not a film production scheme.  Driftwood Doll Films’ aim is always to encourage new writers and push for more representation of diverse voices in film.  Scripts are not under consideration for production by Driftwood Doll Films.

It’s all about the writing!


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