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6 Health Tips Everyone in Their 20s Should Follow

Source: Stocksy I’d like to make a case that your 20s are the weirdest decade of your life. All of a sudden, you’re all on your own (I miss you, mom!), trying to get a job or score a promotion, spending any off-time on your social life (FOMO is real), and maybe (just maybe) being […]

The Most Exciting New Makeup Products Hitting Shelves in August

Sarah Olin / Allure Facebook Pinterest Email With new makeup dropping at dizzying rates, we've taken it upon ourselves to make it easier for you to sort through the latest lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, the hottest (and sometimes unexpected) collaborations, and even the advent of the next, big celebrity-backed brand. We're not exaggerating when we […]

What Tinder Taught Me About Dating

Source: Pexels OK, everyone is abuzz about it, and I know I’m late to the party. But the other day, I said to my productivity, “Hey, workflow, let’s take an unexpected two-hour break and check this out.” “This” being Tinder: a dating app that’s like if (remember that?!) had a lovechild with Sponsored […]

A Gen Z-er’s Honest Thoughts About the Word “Cheugy”

Source: Pexels On my first day of college, I was hit with a playful insult that changed my life forever. When I walked up to my freshman dorm wearing a pair of Birkenstocks and carrying a Hydro Flask, I was labeled a “VSCO girl.” This spurred an immediate existential crisis: Was I basic? Was there […]

Dylan O’Brien as a Blond with Tattoos Is Sending the Internet Into a Thirsty Tailspin

Getty Images Facebook Email Pinterest Where are all the Teen Wolf fans at? Are y'all OK? I ask because Dylan O'Brien is fully a platinum blond now, and nobody seems to be handling it very well (myself included). That's right: the actor who's always been known for that dark, often disheveled hair and what was […]

Sha’Carri Richardson Traded in Her Signature Fiery Hair Color for Blonde and Peekaboo Blue

Getty Images Facebook Email Pinterest We're still not over the way Sha'Carri Richardson sprinted into our hearts and onto our hair-goals list a couple of months ago. (We're also still not over the utter B.S. that kept her out of the Olympics after triumphantly qualifying, but I digress.) The gifted runner became instantly recognizable for […]

All the Best New Hair Products Launching in August

Courtesy of brand Facebook Pinterest Email Hello, August. Sure, this month may signal that summer is winding down, but we're not speaking those negative vibes into existence just yet. Instead, we're focusing our energy on all of the amazing new hair-care, skin-care, and makeup launches coming our way. There's still plenty of fun to be […]

The Best Powder and Foam Shampoos

Courtesy of brand Facebook Pinterest Email Shampoo is a beauty essential that's seemingly as old as time. But as technology, personal preference, and ingredient innovations evolve, so have the formulas. Long gone are the days of regularly using sulfate-laced, oil-stripping, one-size-fits-all hair cleansers that only work on a handful of hair textures. Not only are […]

Lorde Wears Wellness-Influencer Blonde Hair in Her “Mood Ring” Music Video

Courtesy of UMG Facebook Email Pinterest Back in June, when Lorde surprise-released her comeback single and video "Solar Power" —featuring a sunflower yellow Collina Strada two-piece, a Midsommar-esque cult of sun-kissed followers, and a fennel bong — we couldn't help but feel there was something gently tongue-in-cheek about the whole affair. Was the singer gently […]

16 Adult Fantasy Books For When YA Just Won’t Cut It

The Everygirl’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love. When I was an angsty pre-teen, I was nothing short of obsessed with fantasy novels. I loved anything and everything […]