The Best Hobbies for Each Enneagram Type

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Hobbies are a pressure-free way to relax, wind down, and enjoy yourself. Pursuing a hobby is not about being the best (or even good) at something. Rather, it’s about finding joy outside of your daily routine to reconnect with yourself and do something you love. Beyond just being enjoyable, hobbies can have many benefits and be great for your overall well-being. I know what you’re thinking: How am I supposed to find a hobby that I love and will actually stick with? The answer: There are many different types of hobbies out there, and it’s important to find something that feels easy and natural to you.

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One way to get inspired? Looking to your Enneagram. Since the Enneagram reveals nine types of personalities, it can be an insightful way to gauge which hobby benefits your deeper sense of self and plays to your strengths (if you don’t know your type, take an online quiz here). Read on to find the hobby that correlates best with your Enneagram type below, and remember that experimenting with new things is part of the process.



Ones are improvement-oriented and want to make the world a better place. A hobby that supports their passion for activism makes volunteering a wonderful way to give back and use their incredible organizational skills. There are multiple ways to volunteer, whether it’s at an animal shelter, tutoring, or raising funds for an organization they care about. Pick something you’re passionate about to spark meaning and purpose.



Twos are highly relational and love to make the people they love happy. Cooking is a wonderful way to stay connected with the ones they love through hosting dinner parties or trying out new recipes with friends. At the same time, it allows them to be mindful about the food they put into their body. Twos often want to take care of everybody else, so nourishing their own body with healthy foods and savoring delicious flavors serve as a reminder to care for themselves. The best part? There are lots of fun recipes to try at any skill level. Pick something that sounds delicious and then share the love with others.



Threes value hard work and recognition, always striving to be the best. While their competitive side scores them many promotions and opportunities, a good hobby helps  disengage from their constant hustling and desire to be in the spotlight. Painting can be extremely meditative and doesn’t require being an artist to enjoy it. Roll up your sleeves and splash some colors on a canvas or try a paint by numbers kit to experiment with various styles. Take it slow and enjoy the process without rushing through it. Eventually, you’ll find your flow and have a ton of fun with it. Feeling more productive than artistic? Painting furniture for your home counts too. 



Fours want to be the most authentic version of themselves. What better way to do that than to update furniture or clothes to make them more personal and meaningful? Fours are true idealists, often longing for things they don’t have, so upcycling is not only a fun way to tap into their creativity and make something unique, but it also helps them find new appreciation for the things they do have. Anything is possible with a little imagination, and Fours will love using their aesthetic gifts to recreate objects that play to their vibrant personality. Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few upcycling ideas to get started.


Amateur Astronomy

As the observers and knowledge-seekers of the Enneagram, Fives will take an acute interest in astronomy—no fancy telescope needed. You can learn a lot by simply observing the night sky and getting curious about what you’re seeing. Hit some books or use an app on your phone like NASA that provides more insight into the planets and constellations you’re looking at. Fives crave alone time to recharge their batteries, so anything that allows them to spend some time alone and learn something new is the perfect hobby. Astronomy will speak to their innate curiosity about the world, but researching a historical event or other part of the world might be exciting and interesting too.



Sixes always have a million thoughts running around in their heads. Journaling makes for a great stress-relieving hobby because it gets all those thoughts out on paper. Since they’re prone to worrying about the future, journaling can help Sixes process fears and put things into perspective. There are lots of different styles of journaling you can experiment with. For example, there’s stream of consciousness journaling, where you write down anything that comes to mind for a certain amount of time. You can also try bullet journaling to stay on top of all those ambitious plans you have or get creative with pre-written prompts. Once you find your groove, you may even discover a lot about yourself in the process. 



As the enthusiasts of the Enneagram, Sevens are constantly in motion, dreaming up new ideas and making exciting plans for the future. A mindful hobby like yoga allows them to slow down and reconnect with themselves. Sevens hate feeling trapped or limited in any way, so they’ll love the free-flowing movements of yoga. Plus, Sevens will enjoy finding their own flow and pace. Whether you take a class, find a video, or practice your own poses, you’ll feel more balanced and grounded after a few sun salutations. 


Start a club

Strong and self-assured, Eights are born leaders. They love having the people they care about all together, especially when they share a common belief, mission, or passion. Starting a book club or other organization nurtures an Eight’s ability to lead, inspire, and listen to others. Plus, let’s be honest, Eights love getting into heated debates and challenging others’ opinions (in the most loving way, of course). To Eights, that’s quality bonding time, so starting a club will allow them to share and discuss the things they’re passionate about while spending time with people they care about.



What’s more zen for The Peacemaker than a slow, meditative hobby like gardening? Nines value harmony within themselves and their environment, and plants are a natural way to bring tranquility into any space. Whether you go all out with a backyard garden or opt for a few trusty houseplants, there are tons of ways you can develop your green thumb. Gardening is not only relaxing and therapeutic for a Nine, but it can also be metaphoric for tending to themselves too. Nines often push aside their own needs to please others and keep the peace. However, when they “water” and nurture themselves, they can grow in incredible ways.


Your Nancy Meyers House Based on Your Enneagram



The Best Skincare Products to Use Instead of Makeup

The Everygirl’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.


Makeup artists, beauty gurus, celebrities, editors—we still have days where slathering on a face of makeup is entirely out of the question. There’s not enough time every day to go full beat, and even applying foundation, concealer, and a little powder alone can be a chore sometimes. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look our best, so instead, we look to skincare. On the days you forgo makeup, opt for a slew of luxurious, glowy skincare products that make your skin look just as good as it does when you wear makeup. 

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When you’re not applying makeup, you have more time to spend on your skincare routine and indulge in all the exfoliators, creams, serums, masks, and more that we typically leave for nighttime. With these following products, you can embrace your natural skin and features just a bit more, spend some extra time on yourself, and feel amazing—without even a stitch of makeup on your face.

iS Clinical

Warming Honey Cleanser

Instead of opting for your classic daily cleanser, use something lavish and rich to add some extra moisture and glow to your skin without having to cover anything up. This cleanser will make you feel bougie as all hell, thanks to the thick, creamy formula and the way it warms as you apply it to your skin. But what it leaves—soft, supple skin that looks like you applied a ton of product—is somehow even better.

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Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder

Instead of treating your makeup-free days like a free-for-all of not touching your face, look at it as the day you go all in with products and ingredients you normally wouldn’t have time for. Mix a little bit of Amorepacific’s cleanser powder with water, and you have a gentle-yet-gritty exfoliator that leaves your skin feeling practically texture-free. The product’s green tea enzyme powder gets rid of dead skin while balancing and hydrating with hyaluronic acid.

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All In One Hydrating Milk

When you’re focusing on your skincare, it isn’t the time to cover your face in harsh acids that turn you beet red. Rather, opt for hydrating, soothing products that enhance your natural skin, boost radiance, and create a barrier between your skin and environmental factors. Versed’s hydrating milk toner has a thin consistency and is pH-balanced to make your skin as supple and soft as a baby.

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Hydrogel Face Mask

A moisture-infusing sheet mask is a dream for making you look like you just stepped away from getting the best facial of your life. This mask is a great reset after indulging a little too much, perfect for when you want to add some life back to your skin without adding coverage.

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Glow Recipe

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This is basically a highlighter in a skincare product. Very few products give your skin the natural, lit-from-within glow this serum adds to your face. You can put it on the high points of your face or all over for so much radiance.

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Immersion Serum Concentrate

If your skin often feels tight and dry during the day, opt for a moisture-balancing serum like this one. It helps improve the moisture barrier of your skin and keep hydration locked in over time rather than just giving you a fake glow. With this serum, you’ll find yourself wanting to wear less and less makeup because your skin already looks healthy on its own.

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Vitamin C Glow Serum

A vitamin C serum is essential for keeping your skin bright and radiant, but they often come in packaging that can damage the formula and make it go bad quickly. In this packaging, however, the vitamin C stays stable. But there are more reasons we love it: This cream is hydrating, soothing, and leaves skin feeling so radiant that you barely even need moisturizer.

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Energizing + Brightening Eye Cream

You don’t have to cover up your under eyes to diminish your dark circles. This peach-colored eye cream moisturizes, depuffs, and revitalizes the eyes while adding a bit of pigment and radiance to naturally reduce the look of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles as you apply it. As you use it over time, your under eyes will be smoother and brighter thanks to vitamin C and chaga mushroom. It’s genius for addressing the under eyes without having to use makeup.

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Lapis Blue Tansy Face Oil

Adding an oil to your morning skincare routine sounds a bit odd, but it makes sense when you’re forgoing foundation. This oil is made for those with acne-prone and oily skin in mind, so while it is ultra-moisturizing and glowy, it doesn’t look greasy or clog your pores. It has a really natural finish that makes your skin look like it’s glowing.

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Fenty Skin

Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

When you’re wearing a lot of skincare underneath, finding an SPF that doesn’t pill is essential. This Fenty one is a moisturizer/sunscreen hybrid that leaves your skin so glowy. This is a great moisturizer to use with makeup, but without, it enhances your skin and makes you look dewy and healthy.

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Futuredew Oil Serum

Glossier’s Futuredew is the makeup/skincare hybrid product that started the whole trend. It’s the last step of your skincare routine and the first step of your makeup routine, basically giving you glossy, glassy skin that looks good on its own or under foundation. On its own, this serum gives your skin an unmatched radiance that never turns it oily or greasy.

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Summer Fridays

Lip Butter Balm

Having soft, smooth, and glossy lips can completely transform your look. The Summer Fridays lip balm has a lot going for it: It’s in easy-to-use packaging, has a great scent, and it’s thick and mask-like, so it keeps your lips hydrated all day and night long.

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